Futura Kitchen Cabinetry - Quality & Value Today and Tomorrow

Futura Kitchen Cabinetry, INC was incorporated in 1997.  Bob Beitman, the current president, had spent the previous 17 years in retail home center management.  His first learning experience was at Pay n Pak Home Center, not only in kitchen cabinet sales and design, but in retail management. At the time, cabinet design was done with paper, pencil and scale rulers.  When computers came into play around 1984, Pay n Pak was the only retail home center in the country to use them for kitchen design. The availability of a manufactured cabinet was very slim at that time.

The stores that Bob Beitman managed were consistently in the top ten for cabinet sales, but through changes in the economy and market place, the retail stores ended up out of business in 1996.  He then decided it was time to make success or failure for himself by starting his own business.  In looking for retail space, however, he realized that the rent in Bozeman was going to cut too deep into the cash flow situation.  Trying to find a different and more affordable way to break into business, he came up with a very creative solution to the lease issue: a 32' customized trailer as a mobile display.  The trailer was black and gold, and was pulled by a black Dodge Cummins Diesel - when going down the road it was a driving billboard.  The mobile display was set up with a generator, heat, and air conditioning as well as a computer, allowing Bob to go to the client rather than spend advertising dollars trying to attract customers. The concept also allowed on-site design which greatly decreased errors in kitchen drafting.  The concept was a big hit with the clients, many of whom are still with Futura.

Currently, Futura Kitchen Cabinetry has four designers, Bob, Trevor, Nick, and Jamie.  As Futura grew and became more productive, we slowly changed our mobile display to strictly a mobile measure.  What separates our work from everyone else is our ability to come to you.  Give us a call and we will show you just what we're all about.